Choose a destination, Travel France for it's world famous museums and fine French cuisine, or siesta in Spain after the heart-racing excitement of a bull fight. Magnificent castles of Ireland are waiting to be rediscovered. Royalty, pomp and circumstance are what England has to offer. For you golf aficionados, Scotland boasts some of the finest courses, and skiing couldn't be better than in the Swiss Alps.

Enjoy Europe

Travel Italy! Bed and Breakfast Inns are here are affordable and comfortable .Be sure you visit the historic centre of Rome. The Colosseum, Vatican City, S.Giovanni Church, Venice Square, and Roman Forum await your presence.

Do not miss Venice or the Opera Season in the Arena di Verona. Leonardo exhibition in Florence at the Uffizi Gallery. Italian cooking is its healthy and you will really enjoy the thousands of restaurants. Discover Regional Specialties & Recipes... Enjoy Wines by Region.

Austria is a wonderful country to visit. Vienna hosts one of the most prestigious wine tasting events in Europe. Travel Austria and celebrate Mozart's 250 birthday. Beautiful Hotels and cottages await you. Your journey will be filled with the most wonderful music.

Germany with cities such as Berlin and Munich with culture and art make for a great vacation. The home of the Autobahn, BMW and Beethoven. Visit German castles, check cities for affordable Bed and Breakfast Inns, restaurants and so many attractions.

Greece where Athens' is the most popular city to visit and Santorini is the most popular Island. Greece is exceptionally beautiful from the exciting nightlife, amazing beaches and film locations. Do not forget to sample the cheese, wine and bread, Look forward to glorious weather and warm ocean water. Party, party, party.

Hungary the home of food, fine wine, culture, wellness and spas. Where Budapest "the Pearl of the Danube" is the magic city. Motor sports are the # 1 for sport fans. Boast Central Europe's largest fresh water lake the "Balaton". Hungary also boasts hundreds of therapeutic mineral springs. Hospitality Plus is their moto. You will find a Bed and Breakfast Inn that will meet all your needs in Hungary.

Iceland by air, sea or ferry your are invited to Iceland. All forms of art and music are appreciated in Iceland. Literature has always been the cornerstone of the culture. Breathtaking landscapes and the largest of Europe's National Park is located here. Awarded the Best Adventure Travel Destination by the Sunday Times Travel Magazine. Visit and stay at an Island beautiful, affordable Bed and Breakfast Inn.

Belgium where Dutch, French, German and English are all spoken make it an easy visit. Belgium is the crossroads of Western Europe. Your Bed and Breakfast Hotel are friendly with modern comforts and a warm welcome. Affordable rates.Walk to most activities.

Be charmed by your Canary Islands Spain Vacation. Beautiful accommodations and beaches make this vacation unforgettable. Hospitality Plus. Welcome!

Croatia the country of high life expectancy. Pine lined beaches, sea winds, and bustling ports. Movie stars enjoying purchasing of the 1185 beautiful islands. Fantastic waterfalls. Enjoy the European architecture. The holiday festivals are extraordinary. You will be happy you made the visit.

Cyprus where the east meets the west. Sun every day Golf the number one sport, beautiful beaches and breathtaking mountains. You will never want to leave. See you soon.

Czech Republic the country of castles, chateaus, railroads, museums. Traveling by train is not only fun but educational. Specialized tours and interesting places. Water sports. Visit the Prague monuments. A Bed and Breakfast awaits you.

Finland in Northern Europe bordered by Sweden, Norway and Russia. Most folks believe it is part of Sweden but it is not. Visit Helsinki Design Week. Steel, glass and wood are the building materials most used. French-Finnish music is sweeping Europe and sound fresh something new to listen to. The tango with a new twist is the new dance here. Film festivals in Inari and Lapland are popular. Brunch is popular here. Beer and Champagne are very popular.

A visit to Ireland with it's modern economy give the smart traveler the advantage. Bed and Breakfast lodging is a favorite. Kiss the Blarney Stone on top of a 15th century castle is a must. Discover your Irish roots, see the Cliffs of Moher, Walk in the steps of a Giant, tour the Ring of Kerry, play golf and attend the new talents of the local pubs or go to a festival these are all tradition. Ireland is only about the size of our Indiana. Easy to get around and plenty of affordable Inns.

Travel to Latvia where sandy beaches, unspoiled nature and clean water are enjoyed. Experience Winterfest, and Hockey All-Star Games. The largest and most visited city is Riga on the Baltic Sea shore. Discover Latvia guesthouse's and hostel's are very popular.

Malta an electric mix of North African, Arabic and Sicilian in this tiny country makes an interesting vacation. Visit the prehistoric temples, enjoy the baroque architecture, and local charm. Plenty of affordable lodging at Malta's guesthouse's and villas. Enjoy your visit to Malta.

Maltese Islands are only 67 delightful villages with baroque architecture. The beautiful parish churches look like the buildings in North Africa. Courtyards and staircases are typical and the beautiful "Ave Maria" church clock strikes in the morning is wonderful to awaken to. Everyone has a family nickname. Festivals, Carnivals and Nightlife are common Boutique hotels and spas are plentiful.

Netherlands (Holland) where beer, diamond cutting, the Amsterdam Dungeon, Artis Royal Zoo, and Canals of Amsterdam are famous. Let's not forget the beautiful flowers that are exported. Cycling is another means of transportation in Holland. The Van Gogh Museum is a must for all art lovers a World Class attraction in Holland. Make sure to buy a city pass. Quality Bed and Breakfast and Guesthouse accommodations have excellent reviews in the Netherlands.

Norway and the beautiful Northern Lights and Midnight Sun above the Artic Circle is a sight you will never forget. Skiing, cross-skiing, fjords, mountains and nature attractions. Arts and culture and the Nobel Peace Center in Oslo every year is a great place to visit. Over 50 films have been filmed here. Where to stay you ask? Bed and Breakfast, Guesthouses, Cottages, Farms welcome you at affordable rates. Lighthouses are popular accommodations. Visit Norway soon!

Portugal bordered by Spain and the Atlantic Ocean is an exciting romantic vacation. Secret hideaways where you may walk to beautiful Atlantic Ocean. Lisbon, Porto and Maderia are all romantic. Affordable with hospitality plus. A visit to Portugal is just the vacation you need.

A visit to Poland and the Medieval Royal Castle Wawel is total splendor. Travel to Poland where you will be welcomed to enjoy their cultural and beautiful landscapes. Charming towns and villages await your visit. Rest, relax and enjoy Poland and all it has to offer. It will be an unforgettable experience. Bed and Breakfast rooms and suites await you.

Welcome to Romania. Medieval towns such as famous Transylvania is a must visited on your vacation. There are many new experiences to be discovered in Romania. Art and culture prevail as nowhere else in Europe. Beautiful cities, architecture, Black Sea Coast and the traditions the people of Romania have preserved. Accommodation include Bed and Breakfasts, hotels, apartments and residences all to fit your budget.

Scotland and be inspired. Your Celtic Connections. Perfect for a holiday vacation. Fantastic Tours and attractions. This is an affordable getaway. Budget accommodations as well as upscale Bed and Breakfast Guesthouse popular for couples, singles and families the perfect Scotland experience. Inns with pubs and restaurants await you. Combine your accommodations where ever you travel in Scotland. Enjoy.

Sweden one of the largest countries in Europe. A friendly country where it is the norm to meet for coffee and tea with friends. Patience is important here. Pick a number. Most Swedes speak English. Food may come in a toothpaste tube. Businesses close early. If you have friends in Sweden plan to spend a lot of time outdoors. Remember Greta Garbo was a famous Swede and the famous annual Gothenburg Film Festival is great to visit. A lot of places to visit and enjoy in Sweden. Have fun.

Switzerland and the beautiful Alps. Known as the Wellness destination. Switzerland is for every budget. Bed and Breakfasts, Youth Hostels, homes, apartments, and camping. Visit the Lake Lucerne Region, the Picasso Tour, there is a wealth of enjoyment here as well as winter sports. Enjoy Switzerland.

Turkey art, culture and museums vary from region to region. Dances and ballet are elegant and popular here. Music is very much a part of the Turkish culture. Coffee, professional theater and opera, and the film industry with male actors exclusively. Bed and Breakfasts are part of standard Turkey lodging and everything can be found you would need in the villages.

Ukraine south-eastern Central Europe is flat and treeless. Ukrainian does have the longest European river. The Dnieper the river that is the main source of electric power. Tourist love the lodging and restaurants. Art, literature and music very much included in Ukraine's upbringing. Golf is an active sport. Visit the Ukraine.